Istanbul University’ International Congress of Social Sciences II (CONGIST’19)

Dear our esteemed colleagues,

We are organizing the International Social Sciences Congress (CONGIST’19) as Istanbul University’s Faculty of Letters together with Limoges University and Turkish Association of Language and Literature with the main theme of “The City’s Language”. The congress aiming to discuss the city’s language in detail and to present related scientific solutions will be held on September 18-20, 2019 at Istanbul University Faculty of Letters.

The concept of “language” constituting the main heading of the congress involves what language means in terms of its written and verbal use in daily life as well as its specific forms of expression in every domain of daily life; style, manner and intepretation in particular in ways that will take the historical background and the present situation into account on a scale of a city. Consequently, the aim is to approach all aspects of language through social sciences including all disciplines of fine arts especially literature, music, architecture, painting, photography and cinema along with history, philology, philosophy, anthropology, pychology, law, economics, political science, sociology and communication sciences. The suggestions of panel discussions are welcomed at the congress. The presentations will be published as an edited book after going through a selection process. We will be glad to have our esteemed colleagues to present their studies (oral presentation/panel/poster) at our congress organized by Istanbul University’s Faculty of Letters whis is one of the most prestigious institutions in Turkey accompanied by Limoges University in France and Turkish Association of Language and Literature and we wish you success in your studies.

Prof. Dr. Hayati DEVELİ

Dean, Istanbul University Faculty of Letters